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Measures for Covid 19

Guidance on COVID 19

Dear Guests,

As hoteliers, what we care most is to provide you high standard services. New circumstances though have created an unprecedented situation in which we all need to comply. New arrangements have been taken, new hygiene protocols have been implemented and our personnel are carefully trained to ensure health and safety on both sides.

More specifically:


2. A detailed cleaning schedule and developed protocols for cleaning requirements for all areas

3. All staff have been trained effectively on the new schedule and protocols

4. All areas have been cleaned in accordance with the cleaning schedule and protocols

5. The effectiveness of cleaning have been checked both visually and where possible quantitative methods

6. All arrangements are in place to ensure that there is an adequate supply of cleaning chemicals, equipment and disinfectant for both operational and emergency situations

7. All staff confirmed health status and readiness to return to work

8. All arrangements are in place for the safe handling of potentially waste

Hand Hygiene Arrangements

1. Hand washing and hand sanitization stations are located at key locations

2. Signage and information systems are in place to ensure that guests, staff and visitors are aware of hand hygiene

3. All staff have been given training on effective hand washing and general hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene Arrangements

1. New procedures have been established for maintaining social distancing requirements in accordance with local governmental advice

2. Where possible, temporary distance markings have been created in areas that subject to queuing (e.g. reception, food service)

3. All tables and sitting areas have been set up to ensure a minimal social distancing can be achieved between family groups

Buffet / Dining Arrangements

1. Where possible, dining arrangements have been altered

2. The capacity of the restaurant/dining area has been adjusted as per government measures

3. If buffet service is being provided, additional hygiene measures have been implemented.


Public Areas

1. Increased cleaning regimes have been established in all public areas

2. High risk areas, such as entertainment areas, have been closed down for closure

3. All staff have been trained on maintaining social distancing

4. Reception staff have been trained on providing guests with the appropriate information upon arrival

5. Discrete physical barrier / screening have been considered for the protection of reception/concierge staff

6. Non essential items that make effective cleaning difficult in public areas have been removed

7. One-way systems have been implemented to prevent the flow of guests from different areas creating congestion and reduce social distancing effect

Children’s Clubs & Play Areas

Children areas are closed due to government measures.

Gym, Spa & Recreational Areas

Gym, Spa areas are closed due to government measures


There will be either no entertainment or will be restricted in such a way that social distancing measures can be kept.


Pool Maintenance

1. All pool systems have been brought back to fully operational conditions, including water treatment and chemical characteristics

2. Water has been subject to chemical analysis and laboratory testing to ensure safe for use upon re-opening

Water Safety & Legionella Prevention

1. All water systems have been fully flushed and checked for the correct level of disinfection

2. Water has been tested for chemical characteristics and laboratory tested

3. Where necessary, the water has been subject to hyperchlorination or heat treatment

Kind Regards,

The Management Team


Avlida Hotel

Tombs of the Kings Road
Paphos, 8015

Tel(+357) 26 946000

Email[email protected]

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